You Don’t Know Jack!

In the TV series “24,” Jack Bauer seemed to make the most of his day. Jack would fight a group of terrorist, get kidnapped, be tortured beyond human comprehension, fake his own death, escape captivity, fly a plane with a nuclear bomb aboard with the intent to sacrifice his life, wind up in China on a secret mission, rescue the President of the United States from mayhem in the White House, and experience the birth of his grandson…all in 24 hours!

Now it is not my expectation that anyone would have a whirlwind day like Jack Bauer. That would be totally unrealistic. However, we must all question whether or not we are making the most of the 24 hours that we have.

– Do you spend most of your “24” complaining? …Jack wouldn’t.
– Do you spend your “24” being afraid to take a risks in order to avoid failure? ….Jack wouldn’t.
– Or, do you spend your “24” doing things that are not important, while wishing you had an additional “24” to do things that are really important? …Again, Jack wouldn’t.

You see, in real life, all successful people have something in common – they know how to make the most of their 24.

There is no doubt that God has blessed us all with an equal amount of time each day. Every human being on earth has the same 24 hours to work with. The question is what are you going to do with yours?

If you choose to waste your 24, then you don’t know Jack!


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