Quit Window Shopping!

Not long ago in Charlotte, N.C., judges dismissed a total of 27 drunken driving charges in a matter of months. The reason: it took too long to process suspects. Time is crucial in such cases because an illegal blood-alcohol level can vanish after just a few hours.
As these judges pointed out, time is a precious gift. Once time has expired, you can never get it back. When you waste time, it can’t be recycled. Yet, when you have been hurt, time can redeem itself with healing qualities that can’t be found any other way.

Furthermore, time equally offers everyone something that cannot be disputed: the sacred window of opportunity.

Everyone, at least once in life, comes face-to-face with an opportunity to do something great, rewarding and out of the ordinary. However, we can find ourselves squandering these opportunities because we are too preoccupied with the comfort or security of what we are presently doing.

Consequently, we end up watching others seize opportunities while we become bitter because we failed to stretch outside of our cozy comfort zone.

When a window of opportunity reveals itself, we have two choices. We can climb through or we can simply stand at a distance and “window shop,” only to realize that time will eventually shut the window, possibly forever.

Taking advantage of a potentially rewarding opportunity is simply an open or shut case, and you my friend are the judge.

May all of your decision-making be fruitful,


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