C.L.A.S.S. Christian Life and Service Seminars

Christian Life and Service Seminars (C.L.A.S.S.) are classes that provide tools that prepare everyone to take their next step in the directions of a stronger, deeper, and personal relationship with Jesus and His Kingdom Family (The Church).
These teachings allow everyone to move through the process of C.L.A.S.S 101-Membership, 201-Maturity, 301-Ministry and 401-Missions. At the end of each session, everyone is asked to make various commitments to deepen their spiritual growth and increase level of commitment within the church. Each C.L.A.S.S. session lasts approximately 4 hours and are scheduled for specific Saturday mornings throughout the year. The sessions are described as follows:

Connect (Membership) 101 Introduction to Our Church Family – The first of our core courses, this seminar covers salvation, baptism and communion, along with the purposes, structure and affiliations of our church.

Grow (Maturity) 201 Discovering Spiritual Maturity focuses on the four basic habits every Christian needs to grow to spiritual maturity: Time in God’s Word, Prayer, Tithing and Fellowship. In Class 201 you will learn how to measure spiritual growth and develop a practical plan for spiritual maturity.

Serve (Ministry) 301 Discovering My Ministry – God didn’t design ministry for just the few with seminary degrees. At our church, every member is a minister. This is what 301 is all about. Through the SHAPE process, you’ll learn how God can use your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experience to minister to others in need.

First, God gave you a special ability when you started following Him. We call this a spiritual gift. God gives us this gift to build up our church family and reach out to the world with Christ’s love.

Second, God gives each of us a unique passion (heart) for particular activities, subjects and circumstances. God uses those things we feel deeply about to show us where we can serve without quickly burning out.

Third, you have abilities, given to you before you accepted Christ that God can use those abilities will help you in a ministry.

Fourth, God can use your personality. God can use all of us, whether we’re extroverts or introverts, routine or variety.

Finally, God has placed a multitude of experiences in your life to help mold you for ministry. God can use many of our experiences in our background to help heal hurts in our church and in our community.

Share (Missions) 401 Discovering My Life Mission – Dedicated to helping each of us discover and realize our place in the world and in home missions. Discovering My Life Mission is four hours of equipping and empowering you for world and life-changing missions.401 Discovering My Life Mission has three primary emphases: Learning to Share My Faith, Becoming a “World-Class” Christian, and Discovering God’s Mission for My life.

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