It’s Time To Execute


Notre Dame will be playing for a football national championship this upcoming Monday against the University of Alabama. With this, I was reminded of coaching legend Knute Rockne. He is considered one of the greatest football coaches who ever lived. But what’s more fascinating than his ability to win games during his coaching career at Notre Dame (he only lost 12 games in 13 years) is the fact that he never had a secret practice. He would even go as far as to invite his opponents to his practices and would welcome them to bring their notebooks. As a matter of fact, one opposing scout missed an opportunity to cover a Notre Dame game and coach Rockne obligingly sent him the plays that he planned to use against them. He explained his action by saying, “It isn’t the play that wins, It’s the execution.”


What coach Rockne understood is that the key is not in what you know, but it is in how well you are able to execute what you know.


Think about it. Everyone in the world has access to the same information that you have access to. Most people can absorb the same amount of information that you can absorb. But No One can execute what you know better than you!


My friend, your success in all that you do in 2013 and beyond, will be purely based on your desire and ability to execute what you know better than anyone else!


Defeating the opposition,


Pastor Corey

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