Fishy Leadership

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I realized that what it takes to become a successful leader is really no different from what it takes to become a successful fisherman. So I decided to do some in-depth research on fishing and found the top 7 fishing tips given by the experts. These tips are just as useful for leadership as they are for fishing!

Fishing Tip #1 – Go where the fish are biting.

  Don’t wear yourself out by trying to lead people who are not ready to follow, but center your energy and focus on those that are “hungry” for leadership.

Fishing Tip #2 – Know what bait to use.

  Find out the things that make people around you happy (besides money), and reward them as often as possible with those pleasures.

Fishing Tip #3 – Know the weight limit of your fishing line.

  Realize that you can’t do everything by yourself, so practice the art of delegation and empowerment to really get things done.

Fishing Tip #4 – Know that there is no limit to the amount of fish that can be caught.

  Your leadership doesn’t just have an impact on those that you immediately come in contact with, but it also affects everyone that THEY come in contact with, therefore, making your influence (positive or negative) limitless.

Fishing Tip #5 – Fishing in the same spot, in the same way, with the same bait can cause you to catch many fish or none at all, depending on the environment.

   Keep your communication fresh and vibrant. Just because something worked well once, does not mean that it is going to work all of the time.

Fishing Tip #6 – Clean the fish before you cook it.

  Make sure that the people you empower have been properly trained and have clear instructions before they take on assignments.

Fishing Tip #7 – Enjoy the process!

Having fun while you lead will take you a long way.

Keeping my line tight (Matthew 4:18-20),


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